"My wife is loving my new muscles!"

I started training with 30 Plus Bootcamp a few months ago with the intention of losing 2 stone before my 40th birthday.

What can I say, I’ve achieved my goal, feel incredible, have more energy than ever and my wife is loving my new muscles!

Armed with the fitness and nutrition tools to move forward I am no longer concerned about my health in the long term.

I Love being part ts been a real pleasure training with you!

Ice Mike Walmsley

Check out Mike after our group Tough Mudder challenge!

"I'm delighted with the results"

The training and nutrition formula clearly works, and I think one of the best things is that you never feel deprived. The protein shake feels like a sweet treat and I also get to enjoy copious amounts of peanut butter down

The exercise is tough but manageable, and I'm delighted with the results. Feeling and looking leaner. Using the 30plus Formula with everyone else at Boot camp helps foster a feeling that we are all in this together. Being accountable helps me stay focused. I feel younger and more vibrant than ever and looking to up my game even more now!

Curon Evans (40)

"... very noticeable changes in my body shape and lifestyle"

Getting involved with 30+Bootcamp has seriously changed my life. For years I was going to the same old gym, doing the same old workout, seeing the same old faces and seeing little result.

I arranged a FREE trial and the welcome and banter with the other lads was second to none but most of all the workout we were all put through was top draw, much better than any gym session I had previously done.

I made the decision there and then to end my gym membership and sign up with 30+. Within 24 hours I had been emailed a whole raft of information on good and bad foods, diet plans, advice on choosing the right supplements, access to a number of body weight workout videos to do at home and much more. All this combined with attending two boot camps per week resulted in some very quick, very noticeable changes in my body shape and lifestyle.

I now feel lighter, stronger, more confident, healthier and have a much improved knowledge of nutrition - I can't recommend the 30+ formula highly enough.

Tim Walsh (36)

"Check out Tim smash out a 250 rep kettlebell workout. Zero boring exercises here lads!"

"30+ Boot camp has changed my life"

I started training with 30 Plus Boot camp over 2 years ago now and have never felt better! When I joined I was running 100 miles a week to try and shed some excess fat from the excesses of Xmas, I was shocked when I was told I didn't need to! When the 30 plus formula and its methods were first explained to me I have to admit I was a little sceptical. However, from the very first session I could see that this was different to anything I'd done before, and soon enough the results started to come and quickly.

I was amazed that I could burn so much fat working out using some simple bodyweight circuits! Coupled with that, whilst I found it tough to say goodbye to as much as running as I'd previously done I actually became fitter using the short bursts of interval training at Boot camp and started to smash my previous distance times whenever I revisited an old route! The 30 Plus formula is FANTASTIC! And I could never have imagined how far I could push myself if it wasn’t for the boot camps

30+ boot camp has changed my life, I eat healthier foods, drink less alcohol, have more energy and I am now happier in my outlook towards life.

Huw "the" Payne

"Check out Huw go through this tough 200 rep challenge, zero equipment needed!"

"I decreased both my body and visceral fat"

I have been a Cardiff based 30 Plus Boot camper since the day it started in 2010 and it’s totally changed my life.

I enjoy all aspects of the training, being part of the online communities and have found I am able to train more intensely through improved nutrition, with quicker recovery times.

I strongly recommend the 30 Plus Men’s Fitness Boot camps to any man over the age of 30 who believes his best years are past him, trust me they are not!

Matt Joy (36)

"Check out Matt smashing out a 4 minute, easy to follow bodyweight workout!"